Our goal is to be Nationwide bringing our high quality salsas and guacamole to all consumers. They are made fresh daily to keep the flavor consistent. We hand pick all of our fresh produce daily, making sure it’s of the highest quality for our customers. Quality control is a key essence each day, meeting the highest standards for our valued consumers.

Our customers can see and taste the difference in our salsas compare to others.

Authentic Guacamole

Our guacamole is made from 100% Hass avocados. We added a protein to make a delicious, creamy, mouth watering can’t stop eating guacamole.. Its as if you are making it in your own kitchen . You can have it on a slice of toast or crackers. Have it with a meal or as a snack with chips.  Made from California Hass Avocados, it has a creamy delicious texture and is mouth watering. You will completely finish the container all at once, and look for seconds. We sell 4 to 1 with our guacamole. Avocados, tomato,Red Onion, Lemon Juice, Cilantro, Sea Salt

Green Tomatillo Salsa

We use fresh green tomatillo, we roast all of the ingredients for this salsa. It has a robust flavor, we add fresh cilantro to top it off, giving it a unique taste. This salsa is great for someone who is not able to eat red tomatoes due to allergies. This is a great item to serve over a pork roast.

Thick & Thin Tortilla Chips:

Our tortilla chips are made with a 3 step process

First we make the tortillas, then we hand cut and fry, and lastly, we air dry the chips, so there is no oil residue on your fingers. It is one of the lowest sodium tortilla chip on the market.

You can taste the freshness of the California grown NON GMO corn. Customers asks all the time if our chips are baked because they are absolutely delicious.

Flaming Hot Guacamole

This is duplicate replica of our authentic guacamole , with the exception of habanero peppers. It has the right amount of heat to satisfy one ‘s taste .

Traditional Red Salsa

This is everyone’s go to salsa. It’s great with chips with snacking or use it for taco nights. Again, all of our ingredients are roasted to enhance the natural flavor of this delectable salsa offers.

Habanero Pico de Gallo

Everyone loves Pico De Gallo. Our Pico De Gallo is different from the traditional Pico De Gallo, we add radishes, which gives a tremendous kick to this well known salsa. All of our items are fresh diced and chunky. Our peppers are roasted to give a final taste of homemade Pico De Gallo.

Smoky Spicy Chipotle

This salsa ‘s name speaks for itself . It’s smoky and spicy -the heat comes at the end,just enough for one to keep eating and wanting more. All the ingredients are roasted to acquire a smoky flavor. This salsa accompanies great with any kind of meat.

Mixed Fruit Salsa

This is a very refreshing salsa, especially during the hot season. It contains all fresh fruits which makes this a succulent salsa. You can enjoy it with a spoon or with chips and also great on any seafood or chicken. You will be amazed

Pistachio Hummus

All handmade fresh daily in small batches. We use fresh pistachios to give this unique hummus a distinctive flavor. It’s one of a kind. If you’re a love pistachios, its must try dip.

Your taste buds will begging you for more.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

All handmade fresh daily in small batches. We roast fresh red bell peppers to give this dip a delicious and natural flavor.

Your taste buds won’t allow you to stop eating.

Roasted Garlic Hummus

All handmade fresh daily in small batches. We roast fresh Christopher Ranch garlic to give this dip a fresh and tasty flavor.

If you love garlic, your taste buds will be craving more.

Roasted Red Pepper Pistachio Blend Hummus

All handmade fresh daily in small batches. Again we roast fresh red bell peppers, and mix in fresh pistachios, together, we acquired a creamy and exquisite taste.

It will make your taste buds happy.

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