After the fast-food revolution, slow food is enjoying a renaissance as more and more people take time to make – and enjoy – delectable stews and casseroles. It’s almost mystical, the way disparate ingredients are transformed by slow cooking into a dish in which all the different flavors blend to create a harmonious whole. Provencal Beef and Olive Daube and Lamb and New Potato Curry are fine examples of the genre, but there are also many other dishes that cook more quickly.


  • This robust fish and tomato stew comes from Italy. There are many versions, but all require flavorsome sun-ripened tomatoes and a good fish stock. Make sure you buy some of the fish whole so that you can simply simmer them, remove the cooked flesh and stain the deliciously flavored juices to make the stock. SERVES … Continue reading “BRODETTO”


  • Any firm-fleshed fish can be used for this delicious curry, which gains its rich color from a mixture of fresh herbs; try exotics, such as mahi-mahi, hoki, or swordfish, or humbler fish, such as coley. Serve it with basmati or Thai fragrant rice and lime wedges. SERVES FOUR INGREDIENTS 4 garlic cloves, coarsely chopped 5 … Continue reading “GREEN FISH CURRY”


  • This is a famous Burgundian recipe that is garnished with little onions and mushrooms. It was the height of fashion in the 1960s and it is back in vogue again. SERVES FOUR INGREDIENTS 1 celery stick 1 fresh bay leaf fresh thyme sprig 1 bottle full-bodied red wine (Shiraz of Zinfandel would be good) 600 … Continue reading “COQ AU VIN”